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Thursday, June 03, 2010

-i love CHC-

a mixture of negative comments, rude remarks and name calling
honestly, i think Pastor do not deserve any of these, afterall, nothing has been proven yet.

when someone dear to you is being wrongly accused, won't you want to stand up and defend him/her?

i've been in CHC for the last 9 years, no one force me to attend services, no one force me to contribute to the building fund, no one force me to pay my tithe.
this is the place where i found love from God, from friends, from people around me. this is the place where i changed from a shy, young yet rebellious girl to who i am today, CHC shaped my character, it changes my life.

i don't really bother about what the rest are saying, but i feel some of them went a tad too far. remember, Pastor is innocent unless otherwise proven.

i strongly believe that there is justice and God will fight for us. we are not just a group of young kids who follow blindly or like what some are saying, idolize our leaders.
if that is the case, i would have finished idolizing and left a few years back. it's more than just the hype and excitement, the songs or the fame that cause each and every one of us to stay.
it is the presence, the love, the unity, and i believe that through this, our church will come out stronger.

i love CHC, this is my home, the place i grew up in.
so proud to be a City Harvester.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

-why, hello there.-

it's been a mad busy week

started my new job and loving every bit of it ! okay, maybe not the waking up early and feeling extremely tired at 10pm part
but otherwise, im enjoying it !

just gonna pen down what happened last night at DD meeting lest i forget

it was incredible and im so proud of my members, each and every one of you who listened and came early.
as Pastor D prayed and ministered and moved in the spirit, my life was being played like a drama moving at slow pace in my mind (arg, wrong sentence structure, pardon me cause im mad busy ! 101 things on my to do list!) :)

the times whereby He spoke to me
the times whereby i felt Him so strongly that i actually trembled
the times whereby i stood still and know
the times whereby i played the guitar and He came
the time when mother left and i had to be strong for the family, He said you can break down before Me
the time He told me i can fall and i will fall into His arms

and i can go on and on and on about the times He touched me
the times i laughed while crying, yet not feel embarrassed about it

im so glad i know my God
"like a deer pants for the water, so my heart longs after Thee"

grab this off from my friend's blog

"Holiness is having the attitude of never wanting to grieve the Holy Spirit."
---Pastor Kong

let me be holy before You.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010


i think many had taken for granted the things which have been given to us
the very simple things in life which seems like they will be with us forever

i, for one had taken my heartbeat for granted
my limbs, my eyes, my body

just a few days back, my friend's father passed away at the tender age of 52
yesterday, i've gotten hold of news that my friend's dad has advanced colon cancer at age 50

maybe all it takes is for us, all of us to lose something we've taken granted for before knowing how precious it is to us

for you, it reminded me of the prodigal son
maybe all it takes is for you to go back into the world and have fun there first
but no matter what, i'll always be here waiting for you to come back.

our salvation is something not to be taken granted for

6th march - the 7th goodbye

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Monday, March 01, 2010


Pastor preached an awesome sermon today.
one thing that struck me and struck me hard was when he talked about how God sees everything and He really appreciates all that we are doing?

again and again
it brings me back to the days of small beginnings
when i had nothing much to offer
just a heart that loves Him and wanting to serve Him

2010 marks the 9th year i've been in church
seen much, grew much, but the desire is still the same

this entire week of MPM had brought me yet one step closer to Him
everynight after everyone has gone to bed, i will take my guitar and just sing those old old songs that we used to sing in CG

why i love, why i give, why i sing, why i live

my one desire is to know You more, love You more and serve You more

of course, it aint easy
but everything's going into "notes to Mother" file
i still think of her at times
especially at nights like these when things arent exactly going my way
and i long for a hug

5 more days to your 7th month anniversary
however, it seemed like you just left yesterday.
i miss you so much

十字路口, 谁来陪我一起走?

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


just came back from a powerful meeting
once again, we are down on our knees, crying out for Abba Father
no one cared very much about how they look, whether their make up is smudged or if their hair is messy
that aside

one thing that kept coming back to me again and again
love, grace and mercy
i must admit, i am no saint
and sometimes, words that cut, that hurt slip out from my mouth
and the prideful me refused to admit im wrong

i need a bigger heart
to extent more love, more grace, show more mercy

i cannot afford to lose You.
the One and Only who matters

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Friday, February 05, 2010


making a point to blog more these days

anyhow, visited uncle yew today.
if you do not know him, pls refer to shingology.blogspot.com

a poor and old man staying by himself, children who do not want him anymore

anyway, went to visit him at his house with WW today
waited for him for 2 and half hours, but only managed to pass him the food we bought for him
wanted to clean up his house cause it's getting dirty and we could smell the stench from even outside the door
but he gently refused and closed the door

hope he got the clothes and other stuff we got for him
popping by on monday again to make sure he has food
and to clean his house if possible !

my heart just goes out to these elderly..
while waiting for uncle yew, we saw a lot of elderly around that area
some picking up cardboards, some sitting by themselves at the playground
wish i can help each and every single one of them

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Monday, February 01, 2010


a whole month since i last blogged
and i realised i seem to be starting every entry with the same line! =/

a short entry to revive this dead blog

sth that has been on my mind for the longest time
spent some awesome quality time with shi today
felt so encouraged and inspired

thank God for close friends who are always there to listen

i've always pride myself as someone who listens more than i talk
i know, pretty unbelievable right?
but it's true!
perhaps that's why people choose to share with me

the flip side is..
i dont really share with people
maybe one or two random smses late at night to vent a little
but other than that
its all bottled up within me
sharing with the only One who listens to me even at 5am in the morning
playing my guitar
just me and Him

am glad i chose to open up today to shi
im so excited for things ahead

i still get nervous everytime before ____
even after almost a year
but i guess its just my way of telling Him, i cant do this by myself
You have to be present
and He never fails to turn up

am glad that this is the path i chose
and will stick to for the next 40 odd years of my life
and while im on this path
pls correct me
pls guide me
pls rebuke me in secret
pls be with me
pls mould me
pls search my heart
pls guard my mouth and heart
if there's ever a tinge of wrong, pls teach me

fighting for the King's heart

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Thursday, December 10, 2009


like what the title suggests

i cant believe im turning the BIG TWO ONE in 4 days time!
time passes real fast

if you honestly feel that you are close enough with me to get me a pressie
i would really love to have

1. HAIR DRYER (seriously, can help me have more time to sleep cause then i dun have to wait for my hair to dry everynight before sleeping)
2. Contribute to help-sandy-not-sleep-on-the-streets-while-she-is-in-bangkok fund ((:
3. Heels, Wedges, basically anything with height (everyone thinks/knows i need this, BADLY)
4. HAHHA. i cant think of anymore

got my best present for this year on tuesday. ((: the one present i've been waiting for, for 7 whole years
but it's all worth it
finally. and im so glad

the flip side?
can't share with mother.
but don't worry
wrote and archive in my "notes to mother" file
mother, wo zhuo dao le ! ni zai tian shan yi ding hen gao xing ((:

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009




walked past your house today and saw Papa standing by himself by the window

it's been almost 4months since you passed away
then why is it so that everytime i look at your picture, the tears wont cease falling

an auntie called the other day and asked to speak to you
i told her you are not at home
you've gone out.. to somewhere very far away
she asked if you will come home soon
i hung up, whispering.. "i dont think so"

it's 4.30am on a wednesday morning
one hour short of that day of your passing
i miss you so much that i cry late at night
i tried to supress, my emotions i fight

my dearest mother, can you hear me now?
i kept telling myself, you are only out of town
that someday in heaven, we will meet again
so now i just have to learn to deal with the pain

my dearest mother, my birthday is drawing near
this is my first year, spending without you here
the shoes that you bought for me, is now tattered and torn
memories i have of you, become scattered and gone

and now i'll end my writing
cause my eyes are all red and puffy
but Mother, when night becomes morning
i promise you i'll look happy

love you

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

-misses you-

you know like what they say.
your words will either make or break you
and very often relationship/friendship is like a vase
that breaks easily with just a wrong word said or a "at the moment, i feel like throwing this friendship down the roof" kinda thing

and though we try so hard to mend it back
there still lies some cracks that may seem okay to all
but if you were to look closely, you know it will never be the same again

so my take is ?
God, guard my heart and mouth. let every word not break, but edify/encourage/inspire.

i realised i am fiercely protective over my life
a lot of times i choose to keep silent rather than voice it out
and it causes misunderstandings

i wonder when will the new vase come?
today? tomorrow? never?

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009


i find myself reading and re-reading my archives yet again.
time flies uh ?.. it's been two months.

went for steamboat at aunt's house to satisfy cousin's craving for luncheon meat. sat at the seat where aunt used to sit and accompany me while i eat

okay, seriously. i need to stop thinkin about all these. she is in a better place now.

had our first CG mid autumn festival and it was great. big thanks and applause to Nat, Darren, Jo and Nik for taking games ! it was fun yet weirdly gross (you got to wait for nat to upload the peektures before understanding!)

thanking God for every single thing. wouldnt have done it if not for Him

thank God for the members i have; they are the best one can ask for. i want to lay down my life for them
thank God for the chance of being a CGL
thank God for every CG where i get to touch people's lives
thank God for understanding friends who know what i am going through
thank God for Iris who stood by me no matter what, for rebuking when im wrong, for encouraging when im down
thank God for Darren who plays for me without fail every week
thank God for Mommy who cooks the cabbage, nuggets and potato soup, lettuce, chicken wings and corn soup on alternate days without fail (mommy, if you are reading, i love your cooking but can we change the order already? heeee)
thank God for colleagues who turn that frown upside down
thank God for SS, bird, seet and cil who never fail to put a smile on my face, for fighting this fight together with me !

thank God for good memories of you.
i still write to you every other day. Eugene chanced upon the folder during stock take the other day. folder "notes to mother"
in it, i tell you stuff like i cut my hair. i think you will call me qiao po if you can see me. and i've graduated from SOT, i wished i could show you my graduation picture. i think you will be able to spot me right away cause i was standing in front. and other stuff like how Papa's friends asked him to go China with them, but he rejected them cause he says those were the places you went with him some 4 years back.

i have so many things to tell you, so i guess i will continue writing to you.
love you, mean it.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


i still can't get over it

it's been 16days

i saw someone who looks like you today while walking home alone from central.
i wish to hear your voice again

Papa called today
said he cant sleep
sometimes he wish that you are back, sleeping next to him

just the other day,
Papa used your phone to call me
my heart skipped a beat when i saw your face flashing on my phone
i wished it was you.

i miss you...
so much, it hurts.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

-to you-

Dearest Mother,

it's been 6 days since you are gone and i miss you so.
not one day went by without me crying myself to sleep, i tried to stop the tears but they just kept falling.

it finally dawned upon me that
when i am lost somewhere in toa payoh, i cant call you and ask what bus to take back home anymore
when i forget to bring my keys out, i cant go over to your place to rest anymore
the name "Mother" will never appear to be calling me on my handphone asking me if i want some curry/homecooked soup anymore
when i dial home, i won't hear the usual "hello" anymore, the one that's so unique i know it's you right away
no one to call me "mina or qiao po" anymore

that steamboat dinner i was supposed to eat with all of you that night?
that hot fudge ice cream you were craving for?

the last time i brought you to SGH for your check up
the last time you were admitted into hospital, and before i left, you pointed at me and turned to your neighbour telling her,"that's my god daughter"
the last night i kept vigil by your bed, stroking your head every 15mins, asking you to go to sleep
the last time i hold your hands, telling you that you can go in peace, i am old enough to take care of myself
the last time i walked into the hospital ward and your eyes lited up and even though you cant speak, i know you were glad

im sorry i wasnt there with you when you left
i was an hour late

as i hold on to your hands, i feel you leave me slowly
your forehead grew cold to touch and no matter how many times i screamed "mother", you just didnt wake up.

my last words to you were
"mother, wo ming tian hui lai kan ni"

tomorrow never happen.

it's been 6 days since you are gone and i miss you so.
not one day went by without me crying myself to sleep, i tried to stop the tears even as im typing now but they just kept falling.

i soaked my pillow at night, i woke up to puffy eyes
i cry in the shower, i cry when i see our picture
i cry because i am not strong

i miss you, mother
even though i know you are in a better place now.
no cancer, no difficulties breathing.
i'll see you again one day.

i love you, mother.

with love,

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Monday, August 03, 2009


what will it take to see you back in health again?

what must i do to make you feel better?

what can i say to make the pain go away ?

i cry only when im in the shower, or late at night when everyone else is asleep
i need to be strong


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


you are the peace
that guards my heart
my help in times of needs

you are the hope
that leads me on
and brings me to my knees

for there i find You waiting
and there i find release
so with all my heart i'll worship
and unto You i sing

for You alone deserve all glory
for You alone deserve all praise
Father we worship and adore You
Father we long to see Your face

i just came back from the hospital and there she is; lying on the bed
breathing with the help of the oxygen mask
pain grips her like how fear grips my heart

i remembered popo asking for her favourite food just before she passed on
mother asked for tuna today
i watched her intently as she takes each bite
fighting to hold back the tears which were threatening to fall
even as i wiped her mouth for her

i sat down next to her
massaging her hand which had grown enormously large due to water retention
wondering how long more i can do this for her

i need courage to believe
steel of the soul
a backbone christian

by Your stripes, she will be healed.

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Saturday, May 09, 2009


i know it's been eons since i last blogged

tuition, school, work, church and all are occupying the bulk of my time.
haven even got the chance to pop by the library for a long long while

last i heard,
jodi picoult got a new book

went into Harris the other day at GWC during my lunch break at work
smiled at the person who went through a lot to get me the latest Singapore issue of Harper Bazaar
checked out the newest arrivals section
SCREAMSSSSSSSSSSS (okay, not literally)
jodi has got a new book !
picked it up, checked the price
and put it back again

ahhhhhh.. what agony.
but it's okay
ive got tons of assignments waiting for me to complete
bible reading, faith, the incredibly thick spirit filled believers
not to forget the many many activities we're planning
plus XXX

sometimes i feel like running, especially when it gets tough and a little draining
then more often that not,
in will come a text message. a random thought. a smiley to bring me back on track again

SOT this week is AWESOME !!!!!!
i cant really find the right words to express how im feeling
but everything's so real
like woah..

no peektures cause im too lazy/busy to upload them
catch them @ facebook or ... i don't know, i can lend you my phone or sth. ((:

alright, ciao !!


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Monday, February 23, 2009


i've been working a lot a lot for these few days
replacing the different ones
worked with cal dear on sat and it was so fun

someone was giving out heart shaped balloons at heeren
and i got my hands on one !

went over to visit mother just now
took pictures with her with my new phone (YES, i bought a new phone ((: cause mine kept shutting itself down every half an hour)
i must say..
the camera's not very fantastic

i wrote that she will get well soon
pray i can tick that item off my prayer book very soon!

starting school in a month's time
excited yet nervous
cant wait to go there to catch something back
and when school starts
i pray i can tick another item off my prayer book

APRIL !!!!! ((:

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

-brave soldier-

hey YOU..

don't for one second feel ashamed about these scars on your face..
you are just wearing outside what the rest of us wear on the inside

you are beautiful.

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Sunday, February 01, 2009


and time sure flew by really fast
in no time, it's feb alr
and really, im pretty sure if i blink a couple of times more
my 21st birthday will be here too ! (crosses fingers)
so im waiting for my latest episode of GG to load
and i decided to pop by here to update a little

lucas had his 21st birthday over at Timbre@Old School
on a sidenote, i honestly think sara of 53A is awesome !!
some peektures of that night !

did i mention that the theme or rather, dress code for the night is MONOCHROME ?!
like it's the 2nd day of CNY and we have to wear white/black/grey for visitations
but these are my favourite colours so really, i dont mind it one bit
however, i did bring along an extra top whereever i go
just in case the choice of colours don't sit really well with my aunts and all

no steamboats for me during this CNY
so i insisted my mom to do it on thursday night
reunion dinner was at Siam Kitchen
no peektures of that except for a pic of mine and michelle's legs wrestling under the table while everyone's eating
which i cant seem to find at the moment

harvest is NOT fantastic this year
a total of 21 ringgit from malacca
how pathetic, i know
but all's good from singapore

had steamboat today with the subzone over at Tian Tian Huo Guo
peektures will be up once Stephen uploaded them

alright. off to watch GG !!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

-crash and burn-

when you feel all alone
and the world has turned its back on you
give Me a moment please to tame your wild wild heart
I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you
its hard to find relief and people can be so cold
when darkness is upon your door and you feel like you cant take anymore

let Me be the one you call
if you jump I'll break your fall
lift you up and fly away with you into the night
if you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
if you need to crash then crash and burn
you're not alone

when you feel all alone
and a loyal friend is hard to find
you're caught in a one way street
with the monsters in your head
when hopes and dreams are far away and
you feel like you cant face the day

let Me be the one you call
if you jump I'll break your fall
lift you up and fly away with you into the night
if you need to fall apart
I can mend a broken heart
if you need to crash then crash and burn
you're not alone

and there has always been heartache and pain
and when it's over you'll breathe again
you'll breath again

i can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me ((:

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

-step out.-

it's 6 in the morning and really, i dont know what am i doing up so late

but anyway, had a great meeting and the fellowship with steph and bear was awesome too
laughing at bear while she dances to the elevate song (p.s welcome to the big family!) ((:

ready to crash any moment but i just cant sleep with peace if i dont send the minutes to them

so i just sent it and im all ready to hit the sack !

i must say im glad bug is coming back tomorrow
she's always away for camps and all
i don't see her around at home anymore
it's been awhile since you last cooked for me
so come back soon k?
jie jie misses you a lot a lot !!!!!! ((:

AMBER !! arent you glad im posting about anything and everything under the sun just to get rid of that post? teehee

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


okay, so i promised amber i will post many many pictures in order to distract people from the unglam picture of her in the previous post

then i realised..
i dont have that many pictures to post !

been checking up on all the different blogs submitted for boss

and i honestly thought it's gonna be a real mundane and boring thing to do
but really..
i found much joy and i learnt a lot of things through it
okay, not a lot. but i did learnt new things!

Yesterday was a really good day !
My fav girl is back and i met her while queueing up

saw _____ too
teehee !

Word was awesome
as always,
a revelation to me

prayer meeting at Jerb's place after that was really refreshing
presence of God was so strong
and it pretty much left us in tears and on our knees by the end of it

"search my heart" had been my msn nick for a pretty long time
and i've been meaning to change it to something else for awhile
but i just couldn't find any other word that's more appropriate than that
at least not now

search my heart in everything i do
be in for CG, at work or just purely talking to people

what if there's no ministry, no friends, no career, no recognition
will you still love Me ?

i do.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


it was fun fun and more fun for the month of jan !
had our Ed Hardy/Skin Party over at Manchester United Cafe over at Clarke Quay
a crazy time of peektures taking and exchanging of christmas presents

next up was the countdown over at Aranda

i really think this is super funny ! teehee

then EH Party@Zirca

my favourite girl in the world

sandy and goliath !!

fun aside,
we had our first LM for 2009 and it was awesome
a new impartation and word for 09
new wine; new wine skin
i cant wait for our first cell meeting !
so many new ideas, so many new things to do
it will definitely be a year of breakthroughs ((:

my very dear manager, Lillian Cher was featured in Asiaone

it's amazing how she can handle so many things
and her house.. goodness.
it's BEAUTIFUL, i tell you
stands out from among the rest
what a honour to have such a creative, talented yet mighty woman of God as my manager

you can find out more over at http://www.plushasia.com/article/1628

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


i got a book for the first year
then i got nothing
and yet again nothing this year

it just goes to show the importance of me

i don't like it when it falls on a sunday

i don't like it more when you know yet never do anything about it

but it's okay.

now i know.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

-a new year; a new start-

i cant believe it's 2009 already !
was just filling up the alteration slip for a customer today when i wrote 2008
pause, think, laughed at myself, cancel and wrote 2009 instead

had our leaders retreat over at Aranda Country Club over the new year
it was awesome counting down and basically just hanging out with them
it was definitely nerve wrecking as we have to come up with not 1, not 2 but 4 games within a short span of time
but all's good
glad that everyone enjoyed it
pictures will be up soon, i promise

it was especially tear jerking for me during the first night, the appreciation night whereby we sang the friendship song
and im really very glad that i stayed. despite all the things that i went through, i held on and refused to let go
and as i sat there with my left arm across kai lin and right arm draped over the shoulders of del
i found love and comfort
and i cant say enough how much i adore this life im living now
though not perfect, sometimes even causing me to wake up to wet pillows and swollen eyes but fulfilling. no. strike that. very fulfilling
seeing the lives of many being touched
the love of God enveloping them

was just browsing through my archives and i found this
something i wrote in 2006 when i first left children church ministry and went over to W351

the intensifying feeling of fear
my heart's pounding so fast, can You hear?
i made a decision to step out in faith
keeping in mind there are hundreds to save

im all alone in this maze of life
no one can phantom what's behind those eyes
till His hands reached out, and touched the heart that's broken
i wanted to bring love, like a walking slogan

i tried my best, but still i fall
with a contrite spirit, His name i call
"dont leave me, Father", dont ever let me go
i cried out in pain, in weaknesses and cold

and as i pray, i saw a vision
of me serving Him, with love and passion
how i responded to His call
sacrificed and gave Him my all

there is He standing
am i dreaming or what ?
and the angels are cheering
though i dragged His name through mud

i love You, Father
more than anything in this world
I love you, My daughter
of this I am very sure

with this, i leave you with a acronym that kept me there

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Friday, December 12, 2008


2 months

8 weeks

61 days

what will i do without you around?

when the tears wont stop falling
when the heart wont stop aching

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Saturday, December 06, 2008


had our first CG outing at stella's house last week
just a fun time of watching movies and fellowshiping together
her house is a palace i tell you
everything is in gold and brown and all the majestic colours you can think of
so anyway.. like the title suggested.
VISUALS !! so im not gonna blog much, not in the mind for it anyway..
so here you go..

if you wondering what this is..
it's popcorn. i know..
hardly looks like it. but really..
and i really gotta bow down to my members.. they can finish not 1, not 2 but 5 packs of stuff like these !!! EEEEEEEEEE.. haha

the one who refused to buy me my favourite M&S cookies.

the unwilling and the willing one

my prize possession !!!! ((:

the other night, we were all feeling very angry towards our members, so we decided to ________ and sell them to

YES, ren gou gu cha !! teehee

no ! it's Founder's Bak Kut Teh
it was a "hello sandy, want supper? come down NOW !"
and off we zoom to balestier for the very sinful supper at 12.30am !!

little cass's hand compared to mine ! cass's my tuition kid btw. but she's really camera shy, so yup. pic of hand instead..

little nicole and me having a competition to see who can balance that thing (o man.. how do you call that ? catek?) for a longer time. so cute right ? haha. both of us !

leaving you with LION QUEEN !!
cause my hair's so long and i've got no time to cut it
and next.. im RAR-ing cause there's so many things waiting for me to complete..
so.. till then !!

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Friday, December 05, 2008

-a good friend-

alrighty ! pictures will be up in awhile
sorry it took so long, but was really busy with the various events for the past 1 week !
meetings plus staring at the laptop till the wee hours to get everything right to calling the different people to check everything is done and calling them again to double check things and calling them yet again to remind them to bring the stuff

am REALLLLLLLLLY excited for B.M.W that is happening on sat, technically.. tomorrow
pls pray for very good weather because if not we will be luotangqi/luo soup chicken !!

there were a lot on my mind earlier on and i felt a tug at my heart
okay. You've got my full attention now

fall back on everlasting arms
i love You; more than life itself

and i'd like to end with this statement:

"what cant kill you only makes you stronger"

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Thursday, November 27, 2008



anyway, im over at iris's house..
yes, at this hour because we just came back not too long ago from supper !!
imagine cheese fries.. maggie goreng.. teh peng.. -drools

i tried uploading some peektures that we took earlier but i just cant seem to find the infra-ed thingy
so some other day then

anyhow, i can foresee a time of crazy wii-ing and sharing and all.

a lot of things happened over a span of two weeks and it got a little over whelming at a point of time.
but i chose to stay happy despite all
and i know the only reason why He is allowing all these to happen is because He knows

He knows that i can handle, He knows i can take it
and i know im not alone while going through all these

quoting bestie " i felt peace"


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Sunday, November 16, 2008


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